Which is Spain’s number one beach?

¿Cuál es la playa número uno de España?

The beaches of Marbella have been chosen as the best in Spain.

The southern strip of Spain, particularly the coasts, is blessed with a vast number of beaches, often making it the favorite choice for tourists.

However, new research from Oak Power Communications (OPC) suggests that Marbella tops the list of Spanish beaches.

Their study relied on the opinions of over 600 international media journalists who were asked to share their views on the position of Spanish tourism.

The favorite of the rich and famous

Marbella has long been considered the playground for the rich and famous, with its dazzling marina and an array of designer boutiques adorning the narrow white streets leading to the Plaza de los Naranjos.

However, it’s the two long stretches of sandy beaches backed by the stunning Avenida del Mar that have garnered the resort’s acclaim.

It’s also worth noting that Marbella ranked third as the trendiest city in Spain; hardly surprising given its glamorous clientele.

Visitors will also find a wealth of water sports opportunities available. There are jet skis and, of course, plenty of boats waiting to take tourists out to sea.

It’s this range of activities and options available on the beach, not to mention the perfect sand and picturesque views on offer, that has made Marbella the number one choice for many international journalists.

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