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Aug 01‚ 2016

What Is Spain’s Number One Beach?

Was die Leute sagen

Wie real die Leute sagten über SLC.

Warren Byars

I attended the SLC (Spanish Language Centre) on and off for about 1.5 years after moving to Marbella, I had absolutely no idea about Spanish (Or any other language) having grown up in Anglo-Saxon countries, being 40 and quite frankly not very strong at languages.   I tried a couple of courses and I initially did a 3 month course at the other larger Spanish  Language School in Marbella and found them to be a factory, the service was impersonal, the teachers were hit and miss, with a high turnaround of teachers and classes that were basically always full (8-9 students). I didn’t like it. I actually discovered SLC when I walked past them one day during the other course and  went in to chat and was offered a trial session. The price was more or less the same so I swapped and since then I never looked back. The teachers were very good and basically all had intermediate to advanced English. (I don’t understand the “no other language rule” as if you don’t understand a word, having it explained to you in a different way doesn’t help if you don’t understand the other description, for the beginning stages at least). Classes were ideal being in the morning, leaving the late morning and afternoon to enjoy the Marbella sun and sights, the classes were small with a maximum of 6 while I was there but generally it was 3-4 (Sometimes I was alone in the class basically getting 1-2-1). The teachers were more personal as they were more constant and I was able to build up a repore with them. Students were mainly learning Spanish as a 3rd language but all spoke English so I was able to build up friendships with the longer term students (English people don’t like learning new languages) and with the teachers. Students were Au-pairs , Gap year students people with holiday homes looking to improve their Spanish, and couple of retired people. There were weekly activities (Mostly on a Friday). I would highly recommend them, I am currently doing B2 in a school in Madrid, but if I could I would swap my teachers for the ones in SLC now in a heartbeat.
Nancy Hagen

Nancy Hagen

Aprendimos mucho con el profesor e hizo muy buen tiempo, esperamos volver pronto. We learned a lot with the teacher and did a good time, hope to return soon.
Weronika Gayny

Weronika Gayny

No creo que se pueda encontrar una academia mucho mejor que esta.  Estoy muy contenta de haber elegido SLC. Do not think you can find a school much better than this. I'm very glad I chose SLC.